Transmission Chains

Omega Transmission Chains

Having been more than twenty years in the industry since 1998, we continue to improve our products/quality and services as one of the market leaders today.

Why Omega?

Shot Peening and Carburizing

Omega’s transmission chain components are well shot peened and carburized. Shot peening process optimizes components endurance and strength, while carburizing process increases surface hardness and wear resistance, nonetheless the core remains tough and ductile.

Wide Waist Plate

Omega’s wide waist plate design improves fatigue resistance and optimizes better stress distribution.

Solid Bush and Roller

Solid bush and roller disperse pressure to even full contact walls, to ensure excellent wear resistance and significantly increase service life.

Pre-stressing after Final Assembly

The pre-stressing of chain minimizes elongation for long period of time and improves its fatigue resistance.

Professional Technical and Product Support

Supported by experienced team and official branches in strategic locations throughout Indonesia.